First founded by p. Mark turner in the early 90’s, TCPG is a family owned fertilizer manufacturer and distributor based in the western united states. Mark is a third generation cotton farmer that grew up in buckeye, Arizona where he tended to his family’s farm from an early age. Having grown up on a large scale farm, mark has a well rouded understanding of soils, plants, and fertilizers knowing what it truly takes to make a plant grow. It wasn’t until the farm was sold due to a family illness that he decided to begin tinkering with fertilizer manufacturing of his own. It was at that point around 1990 that he entered into the organic side of farming and fertilizers.

TCPG was first formed with two main products, humic and fulvic acid, which he named Jenner 8 and integrate. After learning how to efficiently make these products, he began to prove their effectiveness one farmer at a time. Earning his success the old fashioned way by networking, face to face meetings, and a hand shake that meant something. By using this approach to relationships and sales, mark has built a sustainable business that has now lasted 31 years. Over that time, TCPG has grown to develop a product line that still includes his original Jenner 8 and integrates but also offering a variety of conventional and organic foliars and inputs. He was also able to expand his locations of service. TCPG’s main manufacturing plant being in stanfield, az, a warehouse in Tulare, ca, and a second plant in buhl, id.

Being one of the first to do it, over 31 years mark turner is largely credited as an organic guru and with building an industry in which he helped prove humic and fulvic acids aren’t snake oil after all. TCPG prides itself on the efficacy and uniqueness of our manufacturing processes and offers some of the most elite organic products on the market.

Marks son, Landon turner has also helped his dad grow his business from an early age. Beginning work at age 13, Landon started from the bottom and has aspirations to fill his dads shoes when the time comes. For 31 years TCPG has almost exclusively worked with bigger farms and vendors. However, Landon felt the need to expand those same services to the general public. TCPG recognizes the importance of developing and online presence and being able to offer our products with the click of a button, which is what has led us to develop a retail branch. Now the local gardener and green thumb can aquire the same products farmers all over the united states use on their crops. If you prefer doing business with a family owned company and don’t want to buy from big ag/corporate stores, you have come to the right place.