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*** Entire Product Line Detail Descriptions ***

*ACTIVATE 80: Raw Humates with 70% plus Humic / Fulvic Acid content. 3 different grinds.

*JENNER 8: A 3% Humic Acid Extract with 22% Fulvic Acids.

*JENNER 8 PLUS: A proprietary blend of biologicals, humic / fulvic acids, and other proprietary ingredients. Used on Nematode ground.

*GROWERS SECRET PROFESSIONAL: A Plant growth enhancer that may promote blooming and plant growth.

*INTEGRATE: A Fulvic acid extract (8%).

*INTEGRATE PLUS BC02 & BC03: A soil amendment and foliar feed that has shown laboratory inhibition against certain strains of soil and air borne diseases.

*LIQUID SUNSHINE SE 5-1-1: A high nitrogen and high available nitrogen product.

*CLEAR ORGANIC 2-2-0: A liquid fish soluble derived from fresh water fish.

*ORGANIC NITRO-JEN 6.25-0-0: An Organic Nitrogen source (non-fish based) that can be run through a drip system.

*STIMULATE ORGANIC N 3.25-0-0:Organic foliar nitrogen derived from Plant proteins and Fulvic acid.

STIMULATE ALL PURPOSE 5-10-4:A blend of Organic Acids, Kelp, and Plant Proteins blended with Organic and Conventional Fertilizers.

STIMULATE 12-0-0 + 1.5% Zinc + 1% calcium and trace elements. A foliar feed.

STIMULATE 6-14-4 + sulfur, zinc, iron, manganese, magnesium. A foliar feed.

*CATALYST CITRIC ACID 25%: May be used as a chelating agent.

*CATALYST ACIDIFIER: Organic line cleaner

*KELP / SEAWEED: A source of Cytokinin’s blended with Integrate.

*THERM X 70: A Yucca extract

*BANDI MEAL ORGANIC FISH MEAL 9-9-1 plus 7 cal: Whole fish made into fish meal, no preservatives or chemicals.

*INSECTS: Beneficial insects.

*NATURE’S INTENT 7-2-4: All purpose fertilizer, derived from feather Meal, fish Bone Meal, Potassium Sulfate, & Gypsum.

*PACIFIC CALCIUM FEATHERMEAL 11-0-0: Derived from feather meal.

*(4-13-0) GRANULATED STEAMED FISH BONE MEAL: One of the highest forms of organic P2O5.


*** Entire Product Line Detail Descriptions ***

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