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ACTIVATE 80: A Leonardite shale which is a natural occurring source of Humic and Fulvic substances with trace minerals. This product is used alone or blended with other dry fertilizers and composts to enhance them. Humic substances have been shown to be the most important component to a healthy fertile soil. 70% plus humic / fulvic acids (in some states it will only test 40% to 45% humic, they do not recognize fulvic acid). CDFA CERTIFIED ORGANIC.

JENNER 8: A biologically active, carbon rich, humic / fulvic acid compound for use as a soil conditioner, foliar feed and plant growth activator. JENNER 8 may enhance fertilizer effectiveness, increase nutrient uptake, accelerate root growth, extends herbicides / fungicides, reduces fruit shed, neutralize soil pH, produce even maturity, and stimulate seed germination. This liquid humic / fulvic substance may be one of the most compatible and user friendly products on the market. 3% humic, 22% fulvic acid (in some states its a 5% humic acid, they do not recognize fulvic acid). CDFA CERTIFIED ORGANIC.

JENNER 8 PLUS: This is a proprietary blend of humic/fulvic acids, lactating cow manure, biologicals, and other proprietary products. Use of this product may enhance microbial activity in the soil. This product has shown in field results against many different strains of Nematodes. CDFA CERTIFIED ORGANIC.

GROWERS SECRET PROFESSIONAL: .35-.05-1 This product is derived from a 14 month fermentation process. The end result is a highly concentrated plant growth enhancer that may increase blooming and fruit retention. OMRI LISTED. Manufactured by Growers Secret.

INTEGRATE: A liquid fulvic acid extract (or in some states a Humic acid derivative) derived from an exclusive seam of Leonardite shale which is a natural source of humic substance and trace elements. Due to its unique molecular structure and chelating properties, INTEGRATE readily enters plant tissues transporting with it any added nutrient, defoliant, contact herbicide, Gibberellins and trace elements directly to metabolic sites in plant cells. This highly efficient exchange capacity results in maximum uptake by the plant and may often reduce the application rate typically recommended for many products. When used as a stand alone foliar spray, Integrate may promote bloom and fruit set and stimulate root growth along with many other functions. 8% fulvic acid extract. In Calf. they do not recognize fulvic acid, so the product is registered as a .01% humic acid derivative. OMRI listed. CDFA CERTIFIED ORGANIC.

INTEGRATE PLUS BC 02 & BC O3: A blend of fulvic acid (or in some states a Humic acid derivative) and biologicals that have shown laboratory and field inhibition against certain strains of Phytophthora (Phytophthora capsice - Chili Wilt - Chili plants, Phytophthora cactorum - Crown Rot - Queen Palms, Phytophthora Fragariae - Red Stele - Strawberries ), Rhizoctonia Solani - Potatoes and other root / tubular plants, Sclerotinia Minor - Drop or Sclerotinia Rot - Lettuce, Erwinia - this is a bacteria. These are both soil born and airborne diseases. These symbiotic biologicals in the two Integrate Plus products have been shown to produce substances which are utilized by the plant for increased vigor and resistance to damage by plant pathogens and damping off diseases.

LIQUID SUNSHINE SE 5-1-1: This fish product (no dolphin) is derived from sea going fish. It is then processed into a finished liquid nitrogen fertilizer. This product is stabilized with sulfuric acid (not phos acid). It is been approved to be used by Earthbound growers. It is OMRI, ASCO, CDFA listed for organic production. This product may have the highest Ammoniacal nitrogen on the market. Manufactured by BWF Banducci.

CLEAR ORGANIC 2-2-0: This fish fertilizer is made from Aqua culture fish that feed on manufactured feed which in turn results in fish fertilizer containing essential macro nutrients, giving it an excellent source of organic nitrogen. This product is not recommended for drip irrigation. Listed with WSDA as allowed.

ORGANIC NITRO-JEN 6.25-0-0: This non-fish fertilizer is derived from humic acid and plant proteins. This product is designed to be applied to the soil as a supplement to compost and/or chicken pellets. CDFA CERTIFIED ORGANIC.

STIMULATE ORGANIC N 3.25-0-0: This product contains 1.65% amoniacal nitrogen but has no Nitrate nitrogen that will burn. It is complexed with Fulvic acid to enhance uptake and control pH. This may be one of the first true organic foliars for nigrogen on the market. CDFA CERTIFIED ORGANIC.

STIMULATE ALL PURPOSE 5-10-4 PLUS TRACE MINERALS: This product is derived from Seaweed, Plant Proteins (17 amino acids), Fulvic Acid, Organic Trace Minerals, and Conventional Fertilizers. This product may be the most complete package of Nutrients and Mirco-Nutrients on the market. This is extremely good for Hydroponic growing.

STIMULATE 12-0-0: Also contains 1.5% Zinc + 1% Calcium + .12% Iron + .30% Sulfur + .03% Manganese + .03% Magnesium. A biologically enhanced mineral rich fulvic acid extract for use as a major nutrient foliar feed to deliver nitrogen and selected elements to the plant in the most compatible form available. This product is used to reduce shed in cotton and keep the plant producing. It is also an excellent form of nitrogen in a complete package to all crops.

STIMULATE 6-14-4: Also contains .30% Sulfur + .12% Zinc + .30% Iron + .03% Manganese + .03% Magnesium. A biologically active mineral rich humic / fulvic acid extract for use as a major nutrient foliar feed to promote bloom and fruit set, reduce plant stress, and stimulate root growth. Use of this foliar has shown some promise as a replacement for PLANT GROWTH REGULATORS. This product will not shut down root systems like some plant growth regulators do. But instead, the unique carbon base of this foliar contains hormonal properties which may cause the plant to go into a fruiting cycle.

CATALYST CITRIC ACID: A 25 % volume by weight solution that is fortified with fulvic acid. Some crops may be sensitive to citric acid, thus we fortify it with fulvic acid, in order to help with any problems due to a acidic pH. pH of this product is acidic. This product meets the USDA’ s NOP guidelines for organic use.

CATALYST ACIDIFIER: This product is derived from Glacier Acetic acid and fulvic acid. It has a pH of around 3 to 4. It is used to purge drip systems in, or on, organic farms. This product meets the USDA’s NOP generic guidelines for organic use.

“KELP”, ASCOPHYLLUM NODOSUM: Seaweed is known to contain Cytokinin like properties. These Cytokinin like properties are products of root activity. The addition of this product may show a greater Cytokinin stimulation effects in sprouts and leaf; i. e. cell division, syntheses, and fixation of chlorophyll, increase sugar production, prolongation of leaf life and delayed onset of senescence (aging). This product is enhanced by the addition of Integrate. See Integrate description. CDFA CERTIFIED ORGANIC.

THERM X 70: A concentrated plant extract containing steroid saponin. This natural compound is found in certain desert plants like Yucca. Steroid saponin helps these plants overcome the adverse growing conditions of the desert and other growing regions. When place in the root zone, Therm x 70 helps crop plants in much the same manner. This product also helps as a sticker spreader. OMRI LISTED. CDFA CERTIFIED ORGANIC. Manufactured by American Extracts.

BANDI MEAL ORGANIC FISH MEAL 9-9-1 7 Cal: This products is derived from whole fish. The guaranteed minimum protein content is 58%. There is Mg, S, Fe, Zn, Cu, B, and many other traces in this product. Fish meal is a complete organic fertilizer. You would use this product instead of Bat Guano or Sea Bird Guano. Most of the time this product contains a maximum of .87% sodium. Guano’s will usually contain in excess of 1% to 2 % sodium. Use Catalyst Fish Meal as a preplant fertilizer. OMRI, CDFA ORGANIC LISTED. Manufactured by BWF Banducci.

INSECTS: We carry a full line of beneficial insects in the place of insecticides.

NATURES INTENT 7-2-4: A great all purpose fertilizer. This product may be used on soils less in media. It is dust free, low odor, and easy to use. It will not kill beneficial micro organisms. It promotes decomposition in the soil. OMRI LISTED. Manufactured by Natures Intent.

PACIFIC CALCIUM FEATHERMEAL 11-0-0: A slow release nitrogen in organic form. OMRI LISTED. Manufactured by Pacific Calcium.

(4-13-0) GRANULATED FISH BONE MEAL: One of the highest forms of organic P2O5 on the market. P2O5 is the most available form of Phosphate. CDFA CERTIFIED ORGANIC.

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